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Our measuring devices are suitable for many applications where electrical consumers need to be monitored


In a manufacturing company, you are often faced with the decision of which machine to use to produce a customer order. The Gridknight system helps you find the most efficient setup in your machinery. Often the energy efficiency of machines is so different that an analysis of consumption can significantly improve the profit margin of production orders. A conscious awareness of energy conditions and processes helps you optimise consumption and save money. The intelligent analysis functions and the dashboard continuously show you your consumption and the savings potential.

Production line for electronics in a hall

Central management

Manage all your devices centrally in a browser-based web application


Adjustable rules and alarms help you to detect problems at an early stage

Energy data

Identify savings potential through continuous energy measurement

Event equipment

Overloaded power circuits have brought many a concert to a standstill, left many a trade fair stand without electricity or left many a deep fryer cold. To prevent this from happening again, Gridknight helps to detect problems quickly and at an early stage so that intervention can take place in good time. The Gridknight system can be configured with adjustable alarm thresholds so that, for example, an overload or a machine at a standstill is detected and you are informed immediately via notification in the web application and by e-mail. The visual signalling of an alarm directly on the plug helps you to quickly find the right circuit, even in a larger installation.

Piles of cables against the backdrop of a backstage area
Employee at a catering coffee machine

Gridknight helps to centrally monitor our equipment fleet and detect any problems in the field at the right time.

Equipment rental

When water damage occurs, mobile building dryers are often used, the electrical consumption of which must then be billed to insurance companies or the owner. Gridknight helps to keep an overview of the consumption through resettable energy meters. If you have lost track and need to find rented equipment, it can be located using a mobile phone cell – a map view clearly displays all equipment. The operating hours counter helps you to maintain equipment quickly before it breaks down in the field.

Several power distribution boxes with CEE plugs in a hall

Solutions for energy suppliers

For energy suppliers with transformer stations and other facilities for electrical energy distribution, we offer specially tailored devices for monitoring. For example, external temperature sensors and circuit breakers can be evaluated.

Transformer station

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