Energy monitoring

Devices that have been equipped with the Gridknight system continuously measure energy consumption and transmit the measurement data to the cloud. You can then evaluate this data via our web application.

For a future worth living

With the Gridknight system, you can actively help to achieve the climate targets. By monitoring your machines and systems, you can not only better analyze and understand interrelationships and processes, but also identify energy-saving potential and actively contribute to the protection of our climate. In this way, you can help to preserve a future worth living for future generations. And the best thing is - you are already saving money now.

Mother looks into the sunset behind a wind farm with her daughter on her arm.

Data collection

The energy measurement technology integrated in the Gridknight plug monitors industrial 3-phase loads, recording typical electrical parameters for all phases:

  • Current
  • Voltages
  • Power
  • Power factor
  • Grid frequency
  • Total power and total reactive power
  • Phase sequence
Screenshot of the web application with different measured values

Industry standard

Easily compare devices

The energy consumption is determined in the standardised synchronised 15 min measurement interval. This ensures comparability of all devices and you are also able to match the peak power with the values of your electricity meter to identify power peaks caused by individual consumers.

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Measure consumption and cost

Appliances can be assigned to an energy tariff to measure their costs. We also support dynamic contracts with multiple tariffs, such as day-time and night-time electricity.

For many companies, energy costs make up a large portion of operating and production costs. Gridknight can help you optimise energy use and reduce costs.

Woman in helmet looking at tablet against the background of a production line.

We could see that a pre-heater of a line was unnecessarily running at night. Switching off this consumer saves us 100 Euros a month.


Organize your devices using freely definable groups. This way you maintain an overview.

You can use the groups for a common evaluation. For example, you can find out how much energy a site or a production line consumes, or you can group the energy costs into cost centers.

🏭 Production line 1
Location: Stuttgart 👌
🏠 Building Grubengasse 12
Cooling ❄
Cost center: production 💰
Customer: Miller Ltd.

Smart additional features

We are constantly increasing the range of functions of our software.

Resettable Counters

If certain time periods need to be recorded, resettable counters help you to delimit for example a production shift or a rental process.


Intelligent evaluations and reports help you to implement measures for long-term savings.

Rotating field detection

A rotating field detector detects whether the junction box into which the plug is inserted is wired correctly.

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