Device monitoring

The failure of machines and appliances can have a severe impact and needs to be avoided. Gridknight assists you with its features to detect problems early on and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Increase reliability

Within minutes you can equip your machines and plants with our system and receive notifications in real time.

Gridknight is particularly well suited for spatially dispersed equipment such as pumps, conveyors or containers, where it is often difficult to create the infrastructure that would otherwise be required at each individual operating location.

Employee views tablet with graphics and data in front of a production machine.

Alarm thresholds

Adjustable thresholds allow the detection of problematic or severe operating conditions.

If, for example, a connected load requires too much energy or if the plug connection heats up unacceptably, an alarm condition can be triggered.

Machine panel with a wide variety of measuring devices, switches and display elements


You will be notified immediately via mail or a message in the web app. This way you can react quickly and take care of issues. Simply switching off a machine before the weekend can save you money.

Man wiring show technology accessories.

The failure of our equipment during a show is a nightmare which we can avoid by using intelligent device monitoring.

Easy Configuration

Keep track of problems

Our web application presents error messages in an understandable and clear way. After you fix the problems, you can acknowledge the error message.

Alarm messages screenshot from web application

Display alarms directly at the plug

The plug displays an alarm status via an integrated optical signal - so you can detect problems even if you don't have a smartphone at hand.

Gridknight plug uses LED to indicate an error.

Location via cellular network

Based on the mobile cell, consumers can be located. When using mobile devices, you can keep track of them and always know where they are in use.

Mobile phone mast with mobile phone antennas

Operating hour meter

Our intelligent operating hours counter allows the machine operating hours to be recorded in the plugged-in state or also in active operation above an activation threshold.

Our resettable user counters also support operating hours.

Time clock in front of card board

Smart additional features

Handy features help you get the most out of the Gridknight system

Temperature monitoring

The temperature in the plug can be monitored to prevent problems caused by overloaded circuits or bad contacts.

FindMe Function

Clicking the FindMe button will make the plug flash so it can be found easily.

QR Code

Scan the QR code on the plug to go directly to the linked consumer in the web app.

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