CEE-16ADefining a new category

Equip your devices with a vendor independent energy and device monitoring solution

Gridknight plug side view with qr codes
Cellular connectivity
Connection technology
Maximum Current
16 A per phase

Energy monitoring technology for industrial appliances

The integrated electronics monitors industrial 3 phase consumers and measures various electrical parameters. The Gridknight plug does not need space in your wiring cabinet and is installed within seconds.

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Gridknight CEE-Plug in front of production line

Cellular connection included

The measuring devices connect directly to the internet via their cellular connection. Thanks to modern cellular technologies this is possible even under poor radio conditions like in basements. You do not need to worry about anything - Gridknight takes care of the cellular connection and the included SIM card.

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Ready for Industry 4.0 in 3 steps

The Gridknight CEE-16A plug includes everything needed for monitoring your devices

  1. 1. Change plug
    stylized Gridknight CEE plug with connection cable
    Exchange your old plug with the Gridknight CEE plug
  2. 2. Pair device
    a user scans the qr code on the plug with a smartphone
    Pair the plug with your account by simply scanning the QR code
  3. 3. Analyze data
    user watches measured data on his smartphone
    Start monitoring and find out everything about your devices

Optical Signaling

If a set thresholds such as the temperature is violated the plug will show an optical notification and indicate that there is a problem

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LED lights up the Gridknight plug and indicate there is a problem

Toolless Installation

You do not need special tools for installation. The screwless spring terminals will take single and finely stranded wires, and finely stranded wires with ferrules. The terminals can be operated manually. The tension relief allows cables with diameters from 10 to 21 mm.

back side view of an opened CEE plug with visible connection terminals

Simply. Well. Connected.

The Gridknight plug is based on the award winning INNOLINQ plug series by Bals which are well known for their robust and high-quality connectors.

You can always rely on the tested quality of this plug even under demanding environmental conditions.

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Man plugs in an INNOLINQ plug into a receptacle at a construction site

Price and availability

Now available

399 €plus VAT

exclusive for business and industry

Order CEE-16A plug

Gridknight CEE-16A plug side view

Technical data CEE-16A plug

The plug replaces a standard CEE plug and is therefore compatible with every compliant connector system

Electrical parameters
  • Operating voltage: 3x 230 / 400 VAC (-20 % / +15 %)
  • Mains frequency: 50 Hz +-5 %
  • Energy consumption < 2 W
  • Maximum current 16 A per phase
  • Overvoltage category: CAT II
Energy measurement
  • Base current: 5 A
  • Activation current: <20 mA
  • Accuracy grade active energy: class A
  • Ist = 25 mA, Imin = 250 mA, Itr = 500 mA, In = 5 A, Imax = 16 A, fn = 50Hz, Un = 3 * 230 / 400 V (-20% / +15%)
Connection technology
  • Screwless spring terminals
  • Tension relief diameter: 10..21 mm
  • Stripping length: 9..11 mm
  • Single wire: 0,2..2,5 mm
  • Finely stranded: 0,2..2,5 mm
  • Finely stranded with ferrules: 0,25..2,5 mm
Cellular technology
  • Cellular technology NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1
  • SIM card included
Operating conditions
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Operating temperature: 0..40 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20..55 °C
  • Humidity: 0 to 75 % RH
  • Operating altitude: up to 2000 m
Size and weight
  • Housing material: Polyamide
  • Size (LxWxH): 217x71x78 mm
  • Weight: 312 g

Video plug installation (german)

Our measuring devices

The CEE-16A plug does not fit your requirements? We are constantly working on expanding the product family by developing additional devices with the same smart features

CEE-16A plug

CEE-16 A Stecker

399 €

Cellular radio
Current range (per phase)up to 16 ampere
Smart features
External sensors

CEE-32A plug

CEE-32 A Stecker
Autumn 2024
Cellular radio
Current range (per phase)up to 32 ampere
Smart features
External sensors

DIN rail meter

Hutschienen Modul
Autumn 2024
Cellular radio
Current range (per phase)up to 500 ampere
Smart features
External sensorsMaximum flexibility by using external current transformers. Measuring range can be extended up to 5 kA by using Rogowski coils.

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