Web application

Modern web technologies allow the use of complex software directly in the web browser. This means you don't have to install any software, you can access it with any type of device and the software is always up to date.

Lower operating cost

It is our goal to make device monitoring easier and cost efficient for you. No infrastructure is needed, no servers or hosting that you need to take care of.

There is no additional charge for the web app. The available features are defined by your subscription.

You can focus on analyzing and improving your energy consumption. We take care of everything else.

Stylized cloud with end consumer devices showing the gridknight web application.

Central Administration

Your monitoring centre in the cloud

Administer your users, devices, energy tariffs, alerts and many more through a central web application which is always available to you.

Multiple users

Add multiple users to your account in order to make energy data visible throughout your company.

Language and time zone

The Gridknight web application is available in English and German. The time zone can be adjusted individually for every user.


Gridknight notifies you about any problems via e-mail or app.

Multiple devices

Our web app can be used with any type of device: desktop PC, tablet computer, smartphone and smart TV. Everything you need is an up to date web browser.

Gridknight web application on various devices

Seamless integration

Modern web applications are missing no features in comparison to native apps.

Add the web application to your home screen to access the application even faster.

women points at her smartphone screen

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