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Leave existing limitations behind with our scalable and flexible monitoring solution

Stylized system overview with metering devices equipped machines, a cloud and end use devices like smartphone, computer und tablet computer
  1. Devices

    Our devices monitor your industrial appliances, measure the energy consumption and send the data to the cloud via their cellular connection. Everything is taken care of by Gridknight.

  2. Cloud

    Our cloud backend processes the incoming measurements and stores them for later analysis and reports.

  3. Web app

    Use our browser based application on all your devices. You can scan a machines QR code and access its monitoring data right away.

Easy access, simple expansion

You do not need a complex infrastructure for monitoring your devices. Start with one Gridknight plug and scale up at any time by adding more measuring devices. You can even add more sites or device fleets and still manage everything in one centralized application. Compare, analyze and monitor all your electrical appliances effortlessly.

Stylized machine with plug and a cloud which is pulled up into the air by plug balloons

Technology comparison

Technology up to date

Modern technology enables new possibilities of monitoring devices which were hardly feasible or not possible at all in the past.

Traditional measuring technology

  • Needs local infrastructure with routers and gateways that block space in your electrical cabinet
  • High initial system costs
  • Complex wiring needed
  • Merging multiple sites is difficult


  • Does not need local infrastructure. Your software is always up to date
  • Mobile consumers possible
  • Easy monitoring starting with one device
  • Multiple sites can be merged effortlessly
  • Smart features like location, temperature monitoring and notifications

Data security

Your data is safe all around

We take utmost care in handling customer data

Data protection

We process your data in European data processing centres in compliance with GDPR.


Modern encryption and security practices allows a reliable protection against cyber-attacks and malicious actors.


Every component of our system receives regular updates. This way you can use the latest features and be up to date all the time.

Cellular connection included

The measuring devices connect directly to the internet via their cellular connection. Thanks to the latest mobile radio standards, this works even under poor reception conditions, such as in the basement. You do not need to worry about anything - Gridknight even takes care of the integrated SIM card.

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